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As time went on and we realized the extent to which the pandemic would impact the immediate future, I took time to reflect on how I had been living my life. I went from my undergraduate degree directly into a graduate school program in a different country. The minute I ended that, I returned to the U.S…

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There is so much in the current moment that feels out of control and uncertainty can bring us to a point of low motivation and energy.

Turning to housework might be the last option you’re looking for, but you’ll find that a bit of cleaning and organizing may actually impact your emotions positively.

Reason #1: It helps you focus on what’s in your control

We may not be able to manage the behavior of others in this pandemic…

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It might be time to find a culturally relevant or culturally responsive therapist.

Over many years, I have switched from one therapist to another. I’ve searched for those who can help me with specific issues or who can relate to me in other ways. Although I am South Asian, most of my therapists have been white women.

After moving to Chicago in…

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The physical space was what defined my faith — the rituals, celebrations, people, and even the classrooms for religious education. The Jamatkhana where I grew up no longer exists, but I can remember the colors, the layout, and each spot where I hung out with friends.

For many people, the physical space is what…

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3 years ago, I hit a plateau at work and decided to go back to school and change jobs. After being in a place where I felt confident and sure of myself, I ended up in a place where I felt very new, out of place, and uncertain.

It’s taken me these 3 years to get to a place where I feel like I…

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There are still days that I carry around the heavy feeling of death. I was there later that night to witness her body, and the images keep flashing in my mind. …

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During this time, you’ve been good. You’ve taken the pandemic seriously, stayed at home (except for the occasional Target run), and told yourself you’re keeping everyone safe, your own family, and others you come across.

Of course, you haven’t been busy, not really. Your social life has been diminished to sporadic Zoom calls or Facetime chats with friends, and you stopped going to the gym and restaurants.

It’s been tough. Life feels lackluster — there’s something…

It’s not just about their favorite color or their goals.

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Have you ever wondered if your good enough relationship could improve? Have you thought about couples counseling? Or maybe you’ve thought about ending a relationship altogether?

My partner and I recently began couples counseling. We don’t have any massive issues and are not close to falling apart, but we felt it was time to get stronger than we are.

Our counselor is certified in the Gottman method and uses the techniques to work with couples. You may have heard of the Gottmans, a couple who have studied relationships for a long time. …

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You wake up every day, ready to spend hours on Zoom. You play some music as class begins to engage students and keep yourself awake. Black boxes with a myriad of names stare back at you as you try to teach reading comprehension or biology or algebra.

It just doesn’t feel like teaching anymore. There are no little humans to connect with or to learn about or to smile at in the hallways. …

Nahid Husain-Habib

Learner | educator | bookworm | traveler | HS SpEd | she/her

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